First Post: Welcome to the Blog!

In his memoir, Richard Nixon observes that years before he had, for reasons he could not remember, started recording his daily life in a journal. This would, ultimately, prove very useful to the late president when he ended up writing and publishing his account of his life. My own blog has a beginning that is as unremarkable as the beginning of Nixon’s journal. Here you will find some of my thoughts, reflections on daily experiences, and discussions of things that interest me, which, at the present, includes the Bible, linguistics, and popular culture. As this is the first post of what I assume will end up being nothing more than another voice in the deafening cacophony of internet blogging about science and religion, I feel I should say something profound in order to distinguish myself. Unfortunately, nothing comes to mind. Since classes start in about a week and a half, and at the moment I am focusing on how best to prepare for that, perhaps I will use this first post to muse a little bit about what I will be doing this upcoming semester.

As you will see by looking at any of the other pages on this website, I am going into my third year at Ambrose University in Calgary, AB. This is a small, Christian, liberal arts college on the west side of the city that acts as the official Canadian denominational school for the Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Church of the Nazarene. Although I do not have figures, I think the largest segment of the school’s population would be the ministry track students (BMin, BTh, etc.), with those in the Behavioural Science program coming in a close second. I am in neither of these programs. Rather, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Christian Studies, a sort of hybrid between a religious studies degree (like you might at the University of Calgary) and the more practically-focused ministry programs. This middle ground is, in my opinion, the real strength of the program, since it allows a great deal of flexibility for me to pursue my often eclectic interests.

At the present, those interests principally relate to the study of biblical Hebrew, which I have already spent two semesters learning, and theoretical linguistics . As you would know from reading my home page, the purpose of this very blog is to discuss, among other things, the Bible and linguistics. It is, in my opinion, to the great credit of the Ambrose faculty, and my Hebrew professor in particular, that I have been introduced to the fact that these two different subjects are deeply related.

In later posts I will discuss this idea in greater detail. For now, I will simply say that this upcoming semester I have deliberately planned my courses (and, consequently, the latter half of my degree) to allow me to study in greater depth the intersection of biblical studies with linguistic research. For instance, I will be doing an independent study of biblical Hebrew and discourse analysis under the supervision of my Hebrew professor. Additionally, I will be pursuing a study of Koine Greek this year. And, finally, I will also be taking several Old and New Testament courses that, I am sure, will allow me to apply linguistic insights to the study of biblical texts.

This blog will reflect what I am currently studying, and I invite comments from any interested readers. For now, however, I will simply say: Welcome to the blog! I hope you find it stimulates your interest in subjects that I have found to be deeply rewarding objects of study.


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