Reflections upon the Bible, Linguistics, and Popular Culture

David M. Dalwood

Welcome to my website and blog! I am currently a first-year student at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, CT, studying towards my Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) with a concentration in Theology. My interests range from such subjects as Biblical Hebrew language and linguistics to the philosophical cogency of desiring friendship with God. However, at the heart of my academic work is a desire to explore the interface between the Bible and contemporary theological reflection. I use this blog as a medium for expressing some of my thoughts, in no particular order and with a plethora of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

On this website, you can find out more about who I am and what I am currently working on. Take a look at my blog to read my thoughts on various subjects or click here (separate page) to view some of my conference presentations and published articles.

About the Title

The title of this blog, “Far, Far Better Things,” is an homage to Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities, which concludes with the masterfully crafted speech of Sidney Carton – one of the most fascinating characters in English literature. The quote I have chosen comes at the end of this speech, having been selected both for its literary genius and as a reflection of the appreciation I have for the subjects that I study.

Pretentious? Probably.